Hubei Nanxing Chemical General Factory

Hubei Nanxing Chemical General Factory
Hubei Nanxing Ploymer Additives Co. , Ltd. was established on the basis of Fine Chemical Factory , belonged to Chemical General Factory Nanxing Hubei, which is the earliest and largest manufacturer for Methyl tin Mercaptide in China.
Our PVC polymer auxiliaries as follows:
PVC heat stabilizer : SS-218 Methyl tin mercaptide, SS-318 Methyl tin Mercaptide
PVC Internal lubricant: NX-GH4, NX-G16S, NX-G32
PVC External lubricant: NX-G78, NX-G70s, NX-G312
PVC Impact Modifier : MBS NX-01, MBS NX-05, CPE NX135-I, CPE NX135-II
PVC Processing Aid : ACR NX-401A, ACR NX-401B, ACR NX-401C

Our company has obtained ISO9001:2000 quality system assurance certificate and the national patent CN 1077196A for Methyl tin Mercaptide. We have a strong technology development and research team, excellent manufacturing devices and advanced R&D detecting instruments. The company has been authorized by the government to observe contracts and keep promise in enterprises for many years. It enjoys self-operation import and export right.
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